Indoor Athletics


January 5th 2014

Indoor Events: 60m, Shot Putt, Pole Vault

The South London Athletics Network hosted its 4thAnnual indoor open at the David Weir Leisure Centre. As has become the norm over the previous years the meeting provided an opportunity for many local athletes to post early season marks ahead of the indoor championships.

This year like past years provided numerous Personal Bests, Season bests and National Qualifiers. Over the three events 125 personal bests were achieved by the 158 athletes competing. The athletes competing extended the full gambut of the athletic community ranging from 11 year olds to M70ís competing in the Pole Vault and all age groups in between.

Some of the outstanding performances were achieved in the 60 meters. Marvin Popoola (Herne Hill Harriers) led the way running the fastest time in the Menís competition with 6.84secs which puts him 2nd in the UK rankings ans number 1 in the U20 rankings. Fastest in the womenís competition was talent youngster Ashleigh Clarke (Croydon Harriers) who recorded a time of 7.74secs which leads the UK rankings for U17ís. Ashleigh was closely followed by Charmont Webster-Tape (Sutton & District AC) who ran a very impressive 7.85secs to lead the UK rankings for the U15ís age group. Other notable times came from Chuka Ajeh (Croydon Harriers) who ran 7.44secs to go to 2nd in the UK U15 rankings. Marcia Sey (Croydon Harriers) & Ore Adamson (Herne Hill Harriers) ran 8.31secs & 8.37secs to go first and second in the UK U13 rankings.

A few special mentions that helped make the competition possible.

Don Anderson (Belgrave Harriers) and his electronic timing team including Bill Laws. Don volunteers his time and expertise at no cost and without him this meeting just would not exist. Don spends 2 days setting up and another day to break down so it is no easy task. He also remains completely calm when all around him are losing their

Nigel Bongers (Holland Sports) Field Referee

Nigel helped run both Shot and Pole Vault competitions and organise the officials. He arrived before both competitions started and did not leave until the pole vault competition ended shortly before 6pm. The Network cannot thank you enough for volunteering your time for such a long day. His recent award at the BBC Sports Personality Award ceremony was richly deserved.

The Field Officials

Caroline Powell, Carol Munns, (Croydon Harriers) Graeme Lodge (Sutton & District AC), Anne Roden, Ray Thompson (South London Harriers) & Peter Kerr (Sutton & District AC), for doing a great job running these events. It was great to see newly qualified official Graeme getting stuck in and holding the bar all day long from 10am until nearly 6pm!

Track Officials

Newly Quailed Track Officials Simon & Marney Loughran (Croydon Harriers), Alistair Henderson, Colin Keane (Hercules Wimbledon AC), Sharon Wrightman (Herne Hill Harriers)& Keith Field (Sutton & District AC), who gained valuable experience. Nick Getting (Hercules Wimbledon AC) who looked after our newly qualified officials on the day and was the driving force it getting the courses recently set up and the mentoring the above participants. This is indeed a valuable asset.

Nigel Stone (Herne Hill Harriers) despite this being a work day for him! provided manual timing back up for Don.

Jakub Stegner Herne Hill Harriers) our starter on the day who despite the volume of races remained calm and gave every athlete a fair chance.

Paul Lockyer and Keith Field (Sutton & District AC) for seeding the races on the day despite having very little time in which to do it!

Steve Bosley (Herne Hill Harriers) for helping with Marksman duties and helping to herd cats (sprinters) to their correct races.

On the day Entries

The Registration team of Peter Kerr, Ray Thompson, Sarah Hodge, Mandy Walters, Stephanie Kerr (Sutton & District AC) & Steve Bosley. The team performed miracles during a very busy time despite being constantly pestered to complete the process in an unreasonable time!

Extra thank you to Peter Kerr who was first to arrive at the venue with Don and the last to leave after helping complete the Pole Vault competition and helped fill in the many gabs and roles that needed filling!

Additional thank you to Anne Roden to raiding the Church Collection box in the morning to make sure we had enough pound coins!

The event was a good example of how the Network can come together and organise a quality local event for its members clubs and extended community. It was especially pleasing to see no less than seven newly qualified officials from recent SLAN sponsored Officials Courses at Wimbledon Park and Sutton Arena gain valuable experience at the competition.

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